Computer Class Rules and Consequences
The goal of the technology program is two-fold: first and foremost, to enhance and support the classroom curriculum via educational technology, and second, to provide students with instruction in the use of educational technology

An integral part of the technology program is the ethical and appropriate use of technology in school, at home, and in interaction with others.

To insure that every student has the perfect learning environment, we must adhere to the rules setup by the students and teacher.

These are rules that we follow in our school lab, but are also great rules to follow when working on your home computer.
Computer Lab Rules:

1. Always sit at your assigned computer.

2. Listen quietly and attentively during the instructional lesson.

3. Follow directions.

4. Treat computer equipment with respect.

5. Respect one anotherís privacy and space.

6. Raise your hand if you need assistance.

7. Before printing or saving get permission from the teacher.

8. No food or drinks in the lab.

9. Adhere to the Sevier

10. Exit all programs before leaving Computer Lab.

1. Verbal Praise

2. Paw Bucks

3. Exploration Time


1. Verbal Warning

2. Change of Seat

3. Withdrawal from the Computer: All computer assignments will be completed with paper and pencil or an alternate assignment will be given.

4. Parent/Teacher will be notified