Fourth Grade
Language Arts Activities Fourth Grade Activities Edit Dan's Copy Kidspiration
Plot Diagram Nouns Dunk Internet 4 Classroom
Grimm Fairy Tales
Tall Tales Fairy Tales Parts of a Newspaper Story Elements
Critical Reading Myths from Around the World Vocabulary in a Reading Passage Spell Check Proof Reading
Timelines Write on Webquest Interactive Comic Creator Write Your Own Myth, Folktale, Fairytale
Persuasive Writing Webquest Writing Letters Write a Play Grammar Games
Read, Write, Think Giggle Poetry Poetry Break Bio Poem Poetry Webquest
Fun 4 Brain Fun School ABCya! BrainPop
Math Activities Fraction Bars Fraction Pieces Fractions - Adding
Fractions - Equivalent Fractions - Naming Fractions - Parts of a Whole Fractions - Multiplication
Number Line Bars Rectangle Division Rectangle Multiplication Rectangle Multiplication of Integers
Cool Math Games Cyber Challenge Mental Math Drills ArithmAttack
Pearson Math Speed Math Math Problems Multiplication Facts Division Bingo
Soccer Shootout Factor Bingo Fractions Identify Types of Angles Area and Perimeter
Measurements Weigh It Up Math Activities Math Playground Fractions - Comparing
Factor Tree Fun 4 Brain Math Chimp Fractions - Visualizing Math Football
Science Activities Inside Your Body Virtual Tour of the Human Body Human Body and Mind Animated Map of the Human Heart
Solar System Webquest What is a Magnet? How Rocks are Formed Rock Cycle Diagram Kinetic City
EdHeads Rocks and Soil Science Links Science Games Creature Features
MacMillan Science Resources Interactive Games BBC Science
Study Jams!
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Social Studies
Social Studies Activities Geography Dictionary Types of Land Forms About Your State I Love New York
50 States Official Web Sites for 50 States Place the State on the Map Explorer Sites
Interactive Constitution The Three Branches of Government LET'S GO TO NEW-YORK CITY ! Kids USA
Room Maker Memorial Day WebQuest Native American WebQuest Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Native American Tribe Resources Native American Web Quest Christmas Traditions Around The World Native Americans of the United States
Ben's Guide Create a Poster Nation Leaders World Digital Library
Explorer Ducksters Explorers The Explorers All Explorers
Explorer Profiles European Explorers American Revolutionary Newspaper American Revolution Ellis Island
Angel Island Mission US
Government Resources
Ben�s Guide-3 Branches of government Branches of Government Intro Congress for Kids: Three Branches Fact Monster: 3 Branches
Kids Info. Historical Documents Ben�s Guide: Historical Documents Kids Connect: Declaration of Independence Interactive Constitution
Fact Monster: Political Landmarks Ellis Island Statue of Liberty Britannica: Political Landmarks Symbols of US
Guide to Elections Congress for Kids: Election Kids USA : President Kids Health: Voting Voting and Elections
Encyclopedia: Taxes history for Kids: Taxes Brainpop: Taxes
Industrial Revolution
Inventors and Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution Britannica: Industrial Rev.
Overview of the Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution Inventors Industrial Revolution Timeline Inventions and Discoveries Innovations of the Industrial Revolution
Pros and Cons of Industrial Revolution BrainPop: Industrial Revolution Discovery Education:Industrial Revolution

5 Themes of Geography Regional Facts Visit Adirondacks
Regions Long Island: Fact Sheet

Unit os Study November-December
European Explorers
Explorers of the New World Famous Explorers European Explorer
Christopher Columbus Explorers of North and Central America Explorers A to Z
Famous Explorers' Biographies World Explorers All Explorers
Encyclopedia Britannica World Book Discovery Education