Third Grade
Practice Quizzes Comprehension Practice Get the Main Idea Bab Books on Line
Compare Contrast Activities Main Idea Main Idea Quizzes Making Predictions
Contractions Practice Homophones Homophone Quiz Synonyms and Antonyms
Limerick Factory Poetry Fun Create Your Own Stories Identify parts of speech
Punctuation Paintball Topic Sentence Scholastic Activities Language Arts Activities Computer Lab Favorites
Read, Write, Think Giggle Poetry Poetry Break Bio Poem Poetry Webquest
Reading Games Fun 4 Brain PBS Kids TVO Kids ABCya!
Literacy Games Fun School BrainPop Dr. Seuss
Kidspiration Aesop's Fables Vocabulary Pinball Spin and Spell Internet 4 Classroom
Math Activities Math Games Math Mayhem ArithmAttack Thatís a Fact
Multiplication Table Multiplication tables Multiplication Drills Math Football Graphing Skills
Understanding Graphs Cool Math Games Math Mastery Word Problems in Multiplication and Division Word Problem Practice
Factor Tree Elapsed Time Perimeter Practice Bite Size Math Fraction Bars
Rectangle Multiplication of Integers Fractions - Adding Fractions - Comparing Fractions - Equivalent Fractions - Naming
Fractions - Multiplication Fractions - Visualizing Number Line Bars Rectangle Division Rectangle Multiplication
Graphing Math Playground Math Chimp Fraction Pieces Fractions - Parts of a Whole
Science Games Discovery Kids Penguins National Geographic
Electronic Zoo Dinosaur Dig Science Resources Solids Liquids or Gases
Butterflies Explore the Rainforest Rainforest Biome Rainforest Animals
EdHeads Internet 4 Classroom Animal Life WebQuest Solar System WebQuest
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt BBC Science
Social Studies
Social Studies Games Kids National Geographic Maps and Globe Activities Kids and Communities Education Around the World
What is a Community? Welcome to the City North Design a Garden
Martin Luther King Web Quest Room Maker Memorial Day WebQuest Time for Kids
Biographies Around the World
Places Kids around the World WORLD CULTURES People All Over the World Geography Web Quests for Kids
African Wildlife Foundation Africa- Fact Files African Fauna African Safari Creature Features
Europe Websites
Around the World National Geographic Kids around the World WORLD CULTURES People All Over the World
Geography Web Quests for Kids Europe Countries One World
Kids Europe CIA Factbook Atlapedia Online Kid's Guide

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